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What is flexible PCB screen printing machine

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What is flexible PCB screen printing machine

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What is FPC

Flexible board (R Series) is a typical form of membrane switch。 The reason why it is called flexible is that the panel layer, isolation layer and circuit layer of the membrane switch are all composed of various soft films of different properties。

In the flexible circuit layer, the polyester film with electrical properties is used as the carrier of switch circuit graphics. Polyester film has good insulation, temperature resistance, bending resistance and high resilience. The figure of the switch circuit, including the connection line and the outgoing line of the switch, are printed with the conductive coating solidified under the condition of low resistance and low temperature. Therefore, the whole membrane switch assembly, with - Fixed flexibility, is not only suitable for use on the plane body, but also with the curved body.



The outgoing line of R series switch is integrated with the switch body itself. When making the wiring of group switch, it is gathered at a certain place of the film and extended outwards according to the standard wire distance (generally 2.54mm) of the designated position in the design, as a soft, flexible and sealed outgoing line, it is connected with the rear circuit of the whole machine.

What are the forms of R series film switches? PSB screen printing machine

In the R-Series film switching, in order to meet the needs of switch wiring design, overcome the impact of crisscross lines on the same side, and for the needs of manufacturing process, the circuit is generally made in the following forms.

Folding type

Generally, the symmetrical figures of the upper and lower circuits of the switch are printed on the same surface of the film, the upper and lower circuits of the switch are formed by folding along the symmetrical axis of the upper and lower figures, and the corresponding contacts of a group of switch keyboard are formed under the action of the isolation layer, which is called folding circuit。

The folding circuit keyboard is mostly used for the circuit arranged by matrix, and the position of a function switch in the matrix schematic diagram should be consistent with the actual position of the opening on the panel, so as to form a regular routing, which is more advantageous. The folding circuit and all switch leads are gathered on the same layer of circuit film, and only one group can be printed at a time As the upper and lower circuits are formed, the process is simple, the processing is convenient, and the cost is also low. Its disadvantage is that the connection of the upper and lower circuit contacts is long, and the resistance increases. Because the folding edge is not allowed to be further cut and processed, the flatness along the edge is poor, and the overall dimension accuracy of the keyboard has certain limitations, which is not suitable for use as a contained part with matching accuracy requirements Where there are strict requirements for water resistance. When assembling with the whole machine, the shell is provided with a pressure frame cover or a groove is reserved at the folding edge.

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