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Troubleshooting of screen printing machine

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Troubleshooting of screen printing machine

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At present, most of the products of the silk screen printing machine equipment manufacturers have a warranty period. During this period, all the faults of the silk screen printing machine are solved by the manufacturer's direct door-to-door assistance. After the purchase of the machine, in addition to a complete machine, some parts with high failure rate will be delivered. If the parts that have passed the warranty period are replaced, a certain fee will be charged.

Here I will briefly introduce the troubleshooting process and some methods. In case of failure of the general screen printing machine, first consult the relevant future personnel of the screen printing machine manufacturer. If you don't know the service process of a company or forget the service phone number of the after-sales personnel, then directly contact your relevant business personnel. Like our company, if the customer's machine breaks down, the most effective and fastest solution is to directly contact the company's after-sales personnel with a dedicated service phone. She will know some information about your company's purchase of machines and machine fault information for recording, and assign these information to relevant technicians.

Generally, after purchasing the machine, there will be special technicians to train the relevant operators of the customer company. In addition to operating the machine, there will also be some troubleshooting methods and solutions. Of course, this is such a process for the skilled. So for a novice, what if the machine breaks down? Directly contact the relevant after-sales personnel by calling the company of the silk screen printing machine manufacturer, and ask the technical personnel of the company to come to the door or call to help solve the problem. You don't think these faults are difficult to remove or troublesome, but they are very simple. Because there are a lot of similarities in the failure parts of this kind of screen printing equipment, that is, the failure parts, which only need to be determined, and then some parts can be replaced.

Here are some ways to share with you, that is, after the machine breaks down, if you can't get rid of it, you can call the manufacturer directly, and it's best to call the company's after-sales service directly。 Because for a professional silk screen printing machine manufacturer, the overall structure of their company is very detailed, what those departments do, what they are responsible for, and what they are in charge of, so it is better to contact the after-sales department directly。 If you contact the business personnel directly, they will also call the after-sales department at the end of the day to describe the problem described by the customer, which is obviously an additional process。

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