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Vigorously promote environmental protection screen printing to achieve sustainable development

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Vigorously promote environmental protection screen printing to achieve sustainable development

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In 2013, the central government allocated 277 million yuan through the special fund for cultural industry development to support 43 projects such as China Railway Press green digital screen printing to update environmental protection screen printing equipment, promote the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of screen printing industry structure, and encourage the screen printing industry to be environmentally friendly, energy-saving and sustainable。 Automatic screen printing machine

The restriction of resources and environment is a prominent contradiction in the current economic and social development of our country, especially the problem of air pollution, which is directly related to each of us. Advocate and practice the concept of environmental protection and be responsible for it. In order to realize the transformation of China's screen printing industry from a big country to a powerful one, we need to solve the problems of product quality level and industrial development mode transformation at this stage, and make our own contribution to China's economic and cultural development in a more healthy, high-quality and efficient way.

Green screen printing refers to the screen printing method which uses environmental protection materials and processes, has less pollution, saves resources and energy, is easy to recycle and recycle, can be naturally degraded, and has little impact on the ecological environment. The whole life cycle of silk screen printing products from raw material selection, production, use, recycling, etc. shall meet the environmental protection requirements.

According to statistics, up to now, green silk screen has expanded from the silk screen printing process to the whole industry chain of press and publication, including publishing and distribution. The adoption of green silk screen involves 20% of the publishing houses in the country. 370 silk screen enterprises have passed the green silk screen certification, and the working environment of nearly 1.2 million silk screen practitioners has been improved. The proposal of green screen printing meets the requirements of national transformation development, green development and sustainable development. Green screen printing is not only a screen printing method with small environmental pollution and energy conservation, but also the only way for the development and expansion of screen printing industry, as well as the auxiliary direction of screen printing industry.

Comrades, it's a long way to go to implement green silk screen printing. Let's unite, gather all forces, push forward the implementation of green silk screen printing, make new contributions to building a green upgraded version of China's silk screen printing, and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society! Let green silk screen printing go with a better life!

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