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Classification and characteristics of screen printing machine

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Classification and characteristics of screen printing machine

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At present, the screen printing machine is divided into vertical screen printing machine, diagonal arm screen printing machine, rotary table screen printing machine, four column screen printing machine and full-automatic screen printing machine. The next all-in-one screen printing for you to explain the differences between these different screen printing machines.

Features of vertical screen printing machine: for high-precision printing, such as high-tech electronic industry, overprinter multi-color, dot printing, etc. Compared with the inclined arm screen printing machine, the efficiency is low, but the accuracy is high.

Features of diagonal arm screen printing machine: for printing in packaging industry, or partial UV, it has high efficiency, but low accuracy. Features of rotary table screen printing machine: for clothing industry, or optical disc industry, rotary table type can be adopted for industries with poor positioning.

Four column screen printing machine features: for large-scale industries, such as decoration, large glass and other industries。

Features of automatic screen printing machine: it is the roll to roll printing for soft materials such as pet, PP, PC, PE, etc。 it is completed by the integrated process of feeding, printing and drying, which is the best choice for mass production

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