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The difference between screen printing and other printing methods

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The difference between screen printing and other printing methods

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The main differences between screen printing and other printing methods are as follows:

① The three printing methods, i。e。 flat printing, convex printing and gravure printing with strong printing adaptability, can only be printed on the flat substrate。 Screen printing can be used not only on the plane, but also on the substrate of curved surface, spherical surface and concave convex surface。 On the other hand, screen printing not only can be printed on hard materials, but also on soft materials, not limited by the texture of substrate。 In addition, in addition to direct printing, screen printing can also be used as required by indirect printing method, that is, first screen printing on gelatin or silica gel plate, and then transfer to substrate。 Therefore, it can be said that screen printing has a strong adaptability and a wide range of applications。 Screen printing machine

② The ink layer is thick and solid, with rich texture. The thickness of the ink layer for offset printing and embossing is generally 5 microns, for gravure printing is about 12 microns, and for flexographic (aniline) printing is 10 microns, while the thickness of the ink layer for screen printing is far greater than the thickness of the above ink layer, generally up to about 30 microns. Special printed circuit board with thick screen printing, ink layer thickness up to 1000 microns. Braille dots are printed with foaming ink, and the thickness of the foaming ink layer can reach 1300 microns. The screen printing ink layer is thick, the printing quality is rich, and the stereoscopic sense is strong, which can not be compared with other printing methods. Screen printing not only can be monochromatic printing, but also can be used for chromatic overprinting and screen printing.

③ It can use all kinds of ink and coating, not only size, adhesive and all kinds of pigment, but also pigment with coarser particles. In addition, screen printing ink is easy to deploy, for example, the light resistant pigment can be directly placed in the ink, which is another feature of screen printing. Screen printing products have a great advantage of light resistance. The practice shows that the maximum density range of offset printing is 1.4, convex printing is 1.6, gravure printing is 1.8, and the maximum density range of screen printing is 2.0. Therefore, the light resistance of screen printing products is stronger than that of other kinds of printing products, which is more suitable for outdoor advertising and signs.

④ Large printing area at present, the area size printed by general offset printing, embossing and other printing methods is the largest full size. If it exceeds the full size, it is limited by mechanical equipment. However, screen printing can be used for large-area printing. Nowadays, the maximum range of screen printing products can reach 3 m × 4 m, or even larger.

The above four points are the differences between screen printing and other printing, as well as the characteristics and advantages of screen printing. Understanding the characteristics of screen printing, in the selection of printing methods, we can develop advantages and avoid disadvantages, highlight the advantages of screen printing, so as to achieve a more ideal printing effect.

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