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Tips: maintenance and adjustment of automatic screen printing machine

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Tips: maintenance and adjustment of automatic screen printing machine

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Maintenance of automatic screen printing machine:

The air pressure components shall not allow too much water and oil into the air pressure system, avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder, and ensure the drying and cleaning of the compressed air. It is better to install a freeze dryer.

Three point combination, ensure the use pressure is within 5-7kg / cm, check whether the oil quantity of converter oil cup is enough every day, and the pressure relief valve is not used for a long time. It should be pushed to the back end, and medium oil R68 should be used for air conditioning (i.e. special oil for air pressure conditioning group).

The other is to turn off the main power switch and the compressed air source when the work is stopped; the speed control valve cylinder and the axis of each part shall be free of magnetic loss; the horizontal sliding seat part of the workbench and the precision highly matched components must be wiped clean and oiled with WD-40 commonly to prevent the precision from being affected due to rust.

Phase adjustment of the working cycle of the whole automatic screen printing machine:

The manufacturer shall strictly adjust according to the designed circulating phase diagram, and wear pins or lock them.

Operation adjustment: screen printing

Adjustment of the parallelism between the guide rail, plate and working platform: generally, the guide rail or platform is used as the reference for adjustment.

① The screen printing plate and the platform should be parallel, otherwise, the screen distance (the distance from the bottom of the screen printing plate to the printing surface) is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent printing pressure and screen printing plate deformation. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself should be guaranteed, and the user generally puts forward specific requirements according to the needs. Plate adjustment: refers to the printing accuracy adjustment between the screen printing plate and the printed part on the screen printing machine. Height adjustment (> 40mm), front and rear adjustment and left and right adjustment (> 20mm), horizontal angle adjustment (> 3 degrees).

② The platform and guide rail should be parallel, and the scraper moves along the guide rail. If they are not parallel, the scraper will not always contact the platform with a certain pressure, or even have a gap. This adjustment has been adjusted before the machine leaves the factory.

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