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Functional features of automatic roll screen printing machine

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Functional features of automatic roll screen printing machine

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The standard function of the full-automatic roll screen printing machine: roll to roll - CNC servo feeding - 1 color printing - electric eye alignment and multiple printing.

Optional expansion function: two color printing - tunnel oven - rewinding - cutting or connecting jm-320 die-cutting machine - UV dryer.


(1) Frequency control device, printing speed from 20 to 70 times per minute.

(2) The electronic counter can accurately preset the number and timing, and the total number will automatically stop.

(3) Multi color printing electroeye device, fine-tuning operation, accurate point-to-point color matching, improve printing quality。

(4) Printing materials: PVC, pet, PP, PC boards, all kinds of electrical boards, soft circuit boards, heat transfer films, tedolone, cloth, artificial leather, leather, etc。

(5) Suitable for printing large areas of background color, fine characters, outline points, are clear and bright color。

(6) The automatic roll screen printing machine can be connected with UV dryer / polishing die-cutting machine (jm-320) / slitter / cutter / rewinder or used alone.

(7) The operation is easy to reduce the high unit price printing material loss during trial。 Screen printing machine

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