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There are several coating methods of photographic solution

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There are several coating methods of photographic solution

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Coating can be divided into manual coating and mechanical coating according to the method of distribution of photosensitive solution of the operation method. Each category can be subdivided into several sub categories as follows:

Due to the use of different tools, manual coating can be divided into the following methods.

1. Brush down. 2. Scrape with thin plastic plate. 3. Stainless steel scraper.

4. Casting coating method is also a kind of hand coating plate. In particular, the tool coating is not directly used, but the photosensitive glue is arranged in the container, the photosensitive glue is directly and continuously poured on the vertical screen frame plate, the photosensitive glue flows down automatically, and the version forming the film is on the screen. The plate making method is suitable for the special effect of screen printing. Automatic screen printing machine

Mechanical coating mainly refers to the mechanical action of the coating to complete the photoreceptor. Mechanical coating can be divided into two types: semi-automatic coating and full-automatic coating (semi-automatic, full-automatic coating machine coating removal, also need manual auxiliary operation. Automatic coating is done automatically by the machine). More than 1, 2, 3 kinds of manual coating are suitable for small screen, easy to operate.

Mechanical coating is suitable for large area plate coating。

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