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One of Chinas four great inventions: the invention of printing

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One of Chinas four great inventions: the invention of printing

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One of China's four great inventions: printing

In ancient times, with the invention of brush and ink, readers could not only read but also write. They didn't need a carver to serve them at any time like in the era of knife and pen, and they were more convenient to record their thoughts. Before the spring and Autumn period, although there were many great statesmen and thinkers in the history of our country, no one wrote books in person, for this reason. In Qin Dynasty, Mengtian invented the method of using lime water to soak wool to remove the water repellent substance on the surface of wool, which promoted the final finalization of brush making technology, and then the brush became a writing tool. So far, the ancients have found a writing method that is fluent in writing, time-saving and labor-saving, so that writing is no longer a hard job. People of the leisure class will write a few strokes in their spare time to kill time, and try to write beautifully, or even compare with each other to fight and laugh, thus creating a precedent of calligraphy art. Li Si of Qin Dynasty is the first great calligrapher in history, which just shows the maturity of ink technique. Screen printing machine

The structure of Chinese characters is complex。 Everyone writes different characters。 Some of them are beautiful and some of them are vulgar and ugly, which urges people to pursue the art of calligraphy。 The important way to improve calligraphy skills is to imitate good calligraphy works, but the people who write well are usually calligraphers and so on。 Most of their works are government official documents, which is hard for ordinary people to see。 In ancient times, inscriptions on stone tablets prevailed。 It is the best model for people to practice writing to find someone who writes well and then carve them out by a stonemason。 The stone tablet is heavy and cannot be taken home to continue to imitate。

In the late Western Han Dynasty, paper appeared, but at that time, the paper fiber was rough and the inking performance was poor。 It was mainly used to replace cloth for wrapping and lining, and occasionally wrote notes on the packaging paper, such as the paper with medicine name found in the Xuanquan site。 The paper-making technology first refers to the mature reeling technology in China。 The fiber material is soaked in water and mashed to disperse the fiber, and the crushed fiber is fished out and spread out for cooling。 The fiber is thick, paper is thick, and the writing performance is poor, so it can not be widely used as writing material。 In the Eastern Han Dynasty and the emperor's time, Cai Lun reformed the papermaking method and produced a new type of paper with thin, uniform and fine fibers, which greatly improved the writing performance of the paper。 The main purpose of the paper was turned to writing。

The paper is thin and soft, which makes calligraphy practitioners come up with the method of imitating the seal and rubbing inscriptions, and take it home to imitate, that is, rubbing method. The invention of paper made rubbings possible, made every calligrapher master a good hand, and also brought about the emergence of a large number of calligraphers in the Three Kingdoms and Jin Dynasty. The structure of western alphabetic characters is simple, the number of letters is small, and they are written with hard pen, which can be very fancy, but there is no art to speak of. After people write dozens of letters, they can write a lot. There is no need for rubbings to imitate other people's handwriting. Paper can write, and there is no need for papermaking. Therefore, Westerners have no social basis for inventing papermaking.

Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty established the imperial examination system and selected officials by writing articles. A good writer can be an official. The requirement of spreading good articles appeared again in the society. In order to copy good articles in large quantities, professional scribes copied the rubbings in large quantities, and then combined with the seal Yangwen anti calligraphy to create the woodblock printing. It appeared between the prosperous Tang Dynasty and the middle Tang Dynasty, prevailed in the Northern Song Dynasty, and was finally matured by the invention of clay type by Bu Yi Bi Sheng.

Now there is a saying among the government officials that "a good hand of writing is a good hand of writing" is the two basic skills of the civil servants (ancient calligraphers). Writing good characters and writing good articles are the characteristics of Chinese characters. Some political systems in Chinese history determine that they are in the same line with the perfect and practical writing system, all of which are not available in western history, thus determining that papermaking and printing came into being in China.

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