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High precision automatic screen printing machine

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High precision automatic screen printing machine

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According to the needs of the customers in the current market, some of the customers' products must require high-precision full-automatic screen printing machine. Kunshan printing machine has developed two real high-precision full-automatic screen printing brush machines for circuit board printing and roll printing according to the needs of customers.

Kunshan printing machine will introduce the features of high-precision automatic screen printing machine: at present, the automatic screen printing machine can be divided into high-precision plane screen printing, high-precision double working table screen printing, high-precision running table screen printing, visual alignment screen printing, etc. According to the structural characteristics and production process of the product, we can use the corresponding printing equipment to complete the product production. Screen printing machine

In order to adapt to the printing process of most products in the market, all machines have their own unique functions, such as: different production modes, different production efficiency, different machine functions, etc. Of course, there are also customized printing equipment for some special products. The advantage of this is to plan and design the machine as a whole and improve the overall production efficiency. This belongs to the development of a new type of equipment, so the price will be higher. Customers can make a trade-off between using common equipment or customizing a machine according to their own products according to multiple solutions and suggestions provided by the company.

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