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Introduction of High Precision Automatic Screen Printing Machine

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Introduction of High Precision Automatic Screen Printing Machine

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According to the current market, the needs of silk screen customers, some of the customer's product silk screen type must require high-precision automatic silk screen machine, Kunshan Duoyin machinery according to the customer's needs to develop two really printed circuit board and coil printing material High - precision automatic screen printing presses.

Kunshan against India machinery for everyone to introduce high-precision automatic screen printing machine features: At present, automatic screen printing machine can be divided into high-precision flat screen printing, high-precision double-screen printing machine, high-precision running Desktop screen printing, such as visual screen printing. For the structural characteristics of products and production processes, will use the corresponding printing equipment to complete the corresponding production work. Screen printing machine

In order to adapt to the majority of products on the market printing process, all of the machines have their own unique features, such as: production mode, production efficiency, speed, different machine functions. Of course, there are also tailored for some special products related to printing equipment, the benefits of doing so is planning and design from the whole machine up to improve the overall production efficiency, so the development of a new device, so the price will be higher. Customers can give the company a number of programs and recommendations to weigh in the end is the use of ordinary equipment or according to their own products to customize a machine.


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