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Which products can use screen printing machine?

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Which products can use screen printing machine?

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Although there are many kinds of products that need silk screen printing, the final production process is basically similar, that is, the final purpose is to print the color, text and pattern in the products。 As long as your products are applied to these processes, you can use a screen printing machine to complete。

Because there are so many kinds of silk screen products, each printing equipment manufacturer will design different machines for different products' silk screen processes to apply the needs of different industries。 Which products can be used for silk screen? Here I sort out some of the products applied by some machines of the company (printing machine), but it may not be comprehensive, just need to know a little, as long as your products need to print words, patterns and colors, you can use the machine to complete。 Automatic screen printing machine

The application products of screen printing machine are as follows:

Application fields: liquid crystal glass, lens glass, luminous film, sheet glass, mobile phone lens, display screen, panel, nameplate and acrylic film, touch screen, light guide plate, TV, circuit industry, photoelectric industry, biotechnology, liquid crystal glass, touch glass, luminous film, ceramic, circuit, electronic circuit board, PCB, film, film, sheet, glass, acrylic, wood Board, sheet, monochrome, and multi-color, color, electronic glass, large posters, three-dimensional pop, car container stickers, glass, building materials, plastic, acrylic, wood, single, double-sided, multilayer circuit board, PCB, liquid green oil, flash film, flexible circuit board, flexible circuit, membrane switch, IMD, IML, adhesive, heat transfer film, trademark, label, nameplate.

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