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Modification of second-hand screen printing machine

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Modification of second-hand screen printing machine

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If the second-hand screen printing machine purchased by you can not meet the printing process requirements of your products, you can find the screen printing equipment manufacturer to modify the original equipment. Generally, the number of fully automatic screen printing equipment modification is a little more, because the price of the second-hand semi-automatic machine is not very expensive, and the cost of modification may be able to buy a machine, so it is not cost-effective. Screen printing machine

If the machine is not refitted in a large area, only the printing table or scraper device of the screen printing machine is refitted, so the cost is not high. According to my understanding, the general purpose of refitting a fully automatic machine is to increase the connection and the overall printing efficiency of the machine. Such costs may be relatively high. Of course, semi-automatic machines may also need to be modified to meet the needs of their own product screen printing process, which generally involves the replacement of enterprises or the need to print new products.

The common refitting parts of semi-automatic screen printing machine are printing table and scraper device。 Because the whole machine structure can not be refitted again, it is only reasonable to refit locally。 Otherwise, as described above, the refitting cost may be close to buying a new screen printing machine, so the refitting is meaningless。

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