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What is foot screen printing machine

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What is foot screen printing machine

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In fact, the foot silk screen machine strictly speaking, he does not belong to a screen printing machine, but an additional function of a simple device is to facilitate the operator (silk screen workers) to better control the machine to open or stop the current majority The machine comes with this foot switch.

General semi-automatic silk screen machines are equipped with a foot switch device, because the line printing workers in the operation to manually put the substrate, and sometimes do not need to manually open the machine, so in order to facilitate the foot directly to the beginning to control. Of course, regardless of whether or not, we generally in the machine built-in such a small device, in case of need. In fact, the beginning of foot is an auxiliary device, mostly for manual, semi-automatic screen printing machine. Automatic screen printing machine

If the machine is entirely dependent on manual operation of the machine, this situation requires the installation of a convenient foot switch to help the operator more convenient control of the screen printing machine, to improve the efficiency of screen printing。 If you are consulting a machine and the machine does not have a foot switch, you can ask the silk screen manufacturer to install one of the devices inside。 In fact, this is also silk screen technology upgrade。


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