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Introduction of varnish technology for screen printing

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Introduction of varnish technology for screen printing

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The introduction of glazing technology after screen printing by screen printing machine

Polishing is to finish the printing surface of image and text printing。 According to the design requirements, use the relevant image and text printing plate to overprint the polishing oil with one or more different properties, so that the surface of the printing can obtain the UV varnish film with the predetermined artistic and creative effect。 UV polishing can enhance the light resistance, dirt resistance and wear resistance of the ink layer, increase the heat resistance and moisture resistance of the ink layer, and play a role in protecting the imprint and beautifying the decorative products

According to the relationship between glazing machine and printing machine, it can be divided into two ways: off-line glazing and on-line glazing.

1. Off line glazing off-line glazing uses a special glazing machine to polish the printed matter, that is, printing and glazing are carried out on their own special equipment. This polishing method is more flexible and convenient, and the investment of polishing equipment is small, so it is more suitable for professional post press processing manufacturers. However, this glazing method increases the transportation and transfer between printing and glazing processes, resulting in low production efficiency.

2. On line polishing and on-line polishing directly connect the polishing unit to the printing unit, that is, printing and polishing are carried out on the same machine, with high speed, high production efficiency, low processing cost, reduced the handling of printing products, and overcome all kinds of quality faults caused by powder spraying, which is the future development direction. However, on-line glazing requires high glazing technology, glazing oil, drying device and glazing equipment.

The requirements of polished products on the varnish technology of screen printing machine

1. High transparency and no discoloration

In order to obtain good glazing effect, decoration printing depends on the formation of a colorless and transparent film on the surface of the printing sheet, and the image and text will not change color after drying. And can't change color or turn yellow because of the sun or long use time.

2。 The film layer has certain wear resistance

Some glossy printing products require certain wear resistance and scratch resistance after glossing. Because of the use of high-speed box making machine, cardboard box packaging machine device, books and other assembly line production process, the surface of printed matter is subject to friction, so it must have wear resistance.

3。 With certain flexibility

Any kind of Polish film formed on the surface of printed matter must keep good elasticity to adapt to the flexibility of paper or paperboard without damage, dry crack or falling off.

4。 Good environmental resistance of the film

After polishing, some of the printed products are used to make all kinds of packaging cartons. In order to play a good role in protecting the packaged products, the environmental resistance of the coating must be better. For example, the packaging of food, cigarette, cosmetics, clothing and other commodities must be moisture-proof and mildew proof. In addition, the chemical properties of the film after drying should be stable. The performance shall not be changed due to contact with chemicals such as weak acid or weak base in the environment.

5. It has certain adhesion to the surface of printed matter

Due to the influence of the integral density of the graphic ink layer on the surface of the products printed by the screen printing machine, the surface adhesion of the products is greatly reduced。 In order to prevent the film from drying and falling off in use after drying, the film adhesion is required to be strong, and it has a certain adhesion to the ink and various auxiliary materials for inking。

6. Good leveling and smooth film surface

There are many kinds of printing materials, in addition to the influence of printing graphics and text, the surface absorptivity, smoothness, wettability and so on are very different. In order to make the polish coating form a smooth film on different product surfaces, it is required that the polish oil has good leveling property and the film surface is smooth after the film is formed.

7。 Wide adaptability of post press processing

After the products printed by the screen printing machine are polished, they generally need to go through the post process processing, such as: molding, hot stamping, anodizing, etc. Therefore. It is required that the processing adaptability of the coating after printing should be wide. For example: good heat resistance, hot stamping of anodized, can not produce bonding phenomenon; high solvent resistance, dry film, can not be affected by the post-processing adhesive bubble, wrinkle and sticky phenomenon.

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