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How to choose the screen box machine

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How to choose the screen box machine

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Screen printing with automatic silk screen screen box on the choice of screen is a very important work, poor choice of screen printing screen box may have a great impact on the quality of silk screen printing, in order to ensure that the plate, printing quality and other The following requirements can be selected according to the following conditions。

 First, silk screen box must have a certain degree of strength. Because when stretching, the screen on the net frame to produce a certain tension and pressure. This requires network box pressure, can not produce deformation, to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the frame.

Second, to ensure the strength of the conditions, screen printing box as far as possible to choose light weight, easy to operate and use.

Third, silk screen box and screen to have a certain degree of adhesion of rough surface to strengthen the screen and the network box of adhesive force。

Fourth, silk screen box solid. In the use of the network frame should always be in contact with water, solvents, and by the impact of temperature changes, which requires the network frame does not occur such as skew phenomenon, in order to ensure the re-use of the network frame. This can reduce waste and reduce costs.

Fifth, the production of different specifications to configure the network box, when used according to the size of the print size to determine the appropriate screen printing network box, you can waste less, and easy to operate.


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