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How to choose screen frame of screen printing machine

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How to choose screen frame of screen printing machine

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It is a very important work to select screen frame when using automatic screen printing machine for screen printing. Poor screen frame selection may have a great impact on screen printing quality. In order to ensure plate making, printing quality and other requirements, screen frame can be selected according to the following conditions.

1、 Silk screen frame must have certain strength。 Because when the mesh is stretched, the mesh will produce certain tension and pressure on the mesh frame。 This requires that the grid frame withstand voltage, can not produce deformation, to maintain the grid frame size accuracy。

2、 Under the condition of ensuring the strength, the screen frame of silk screen should be light in weight and easy to operate and use.

3、 The bonding surface between screen frame and screen frame shall have certain roughness to strengthen the bonding force between screen and screen frame。

4、 The firmness of screen frame. In use, the net frame should contact with water and solvent frequently, and be affected by the temperature change, which requires that the net frame does not skew, so as to ensure the repeated use of the net frame. This can reduce waste and cost.

5、 The screen frames of different specifications should be configured in the production, and the appropriate screen frames should be determined according to the size of the printing size, which can reduce waste and be easy to operate.

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