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How to repair the screen printing machine most quickly

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How to repair the screen printing machine most quickly

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If the automatic screen printing machine is used for a period of time, due to the improper operation of the screen printing machine operator or the product quality of the screen printing machine manufacturer is not up to standard, some fault problems may occur, causing unnecessary losses to the screen printing machine manufacturer. The biggest loss is the waste of the whole factory. So how to repair the screen printing machine in time is the most concern of the screen printing machine manufacturers. Here is the printing machine for you to explain.

In the first case, no one can avoid it. If the equipment has passed the warranty period due to the long time of purchasing the screen printing machine, and the normal production cannot be realized after the screen printing machine has problems, first find the manufacturer or contact person who was purchasing the screen printing equipment at that time, and explain the situation and the specific phenomenon of the failure to them in detail. In general, this kind of maintenance will produce a certain cost. The specific cost depends on the severity of the screen printing machine fault. If you feel expensive, you can also search the contact information of other screen printing machine manufacturers on the Internet to let them repair. Because they want to increase the resources of potential customers, they are willing to repair for you and will not offer you high prices. If you have any trouble with the screen printing machine, please contact Kunshan printing machine, we will sincerely serve you.

There is another situation. Generally speaking, the price of repairing the machine purchased by the manufacturer at that time is reasonable. If the cost is too high, you can weigh the price of replacing parts according to the severity of the problem described by the technician. If the problem is too serious, it is inevitable that the price of replacing core mechanical parts is higher. If you want to involve in the overall structural transformation of the screen printing machine, you can consult many manufacturers in detail. I'm glad that we have provided this service for the screen printing machine. You can weigh it according to the price.

The second method is easy to solve, but there are also some useful methods in it. When the screen printing machine does not pass the warranty period, the maintenance or replacement of small parts generally does not need to incur any cost, but it may be because of the distance problem that the screen printing machine manufacturer will let the screen printing machine user provide food and accommodation. Generally, the screen printing machine manufacturer has its own after-sales service department to directly sell After the call, contact the after-sales specialist to describe the failure of your machine. They will register the customer's company information and general failure problems to the relevant departments for handling.

Here I would like to remind you that when you buy a screen printing machine, you must talk about the warranty time and content of the screen printing machine。 When the product arrives at your company, you must take good care of the warranty card and phone number of the screen printing machine, so as to avoid the temporary search and delay when the screen printing machine breaks down

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