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Application of automatic glass screen printing machine for furniture

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Application of automatic glass screen printing machine for furniture

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Due to the constant changes in the market and the different process of products, no matter semi-automatic or full-automatic screen printing machine, as long as the process of customer's furniture and glass products is different, fullpass screen printing will make some adjustments to the structure and procedures of the machine to complete the production process requirements of different glass products according to customer's furniture process requirements.

I'm sure you've seen that some furniture glass will have some patterns or patterns. The traditional printing method is manual silk screen printing through a screen. At present, machines can be used to complete the silk screen printing process of patterns and patterns on furniture glass. The production efficiency is several times higher than that of traditional manual printing. Specific glass products can be produced by customized pattern screen. When the machine is in production, you only need to put the pattern you specified on a certain process link on the screen printing machine.

Another situation is that furniture glass needs to be printed with a variety of colors or patterns. It only needs to be printed step by step according to different silk screen printing processes, that is, there are several colors or pictures, so the machine will be designed according to these processes. For example: machine structure design, program adjustment, raw materials, positioning, etc. Automatic screen printing machine

That is to say, the specific screen printing equipment can be designed according to the various types of furniture glass color and the simple process of pattern design. If you don't know much about the screen printing machine, you can consult us for information about the relevant screen printing machine equipment. For the process, we can give you a plan and suggestions to weigh whether the equipment is suitable for or satisfied with the screen printing production process of your products.

If you only print some patterns or single colors on the home furniture glass, the others are very simple. If you want to print many different colors, the process will be relatively complex, but it can be realized.

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