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General classification of screen printing machines

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General classification of screen printing machines

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A machine for printing words and images. Modern printing machine is generally composed of plate loading, inking, embossing, paper feeding (including folding) and other mechanisms. Its working principle is: first, the words and images to be printed are made into plates, which are installed on the printing machine, then the ink is applied to the places where there are words and images on the plates by manual or printing machine, and then directly or indirectly transferred to paper or other substrate (such as textiles, metal plates, plastics, leather, wood plates, glass and ceramics), so as to copy the same printed matter as the plates. The invention and development of printing press plays an important role in the spread of human civilization and culture. At present, the screen printing machine is divided into vertical screen printing machine, diagonal arm screen printing machine, rotary table screen printing machine, four column screen printing machine and full-automatic screen printing machine.丝网印刷机

Features of vertical screen printing machine: for high-precision printing, such as high-tech electronic industry, overprinter multi-color, dot printing, etc。 Compared with the inclined arm screen printing machine, the efficiency is low, but the accuracy is high。

Features of diagonal arm screen printing machine: high efficiency but low accuracy for packaging industry or partial UV printing

Features of rotary screen printing machine: according to the clothing industry or the disc industry, the rotary screen printing machine can be used for industries with poor positioning.

Four column screen printing machine features: for large-scale industries, such as decoration, large glass and other industries.

Features of automatic screen printing machine: it is a roll to roll printing for soft materials such as pet, PP, PC, PE, etc。 it is the best choice for mass production by the integration of feeding, printing and drying

Features of full-automatic elliptical screen printing machine: it is mainly suitable for the printing of garment cutting pieces, and it can be used for printing offset, water slurry, ink and other sizes.

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