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Screen printing machine applications which? What are printed?

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Screen printing machine applications which? What are printed?

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Color painting, posters, business cards, binding cover, printed products, such as signs and textiles and other silk screen printing originals by lines, network precision and general requirements of the original manuscript printing method is different. If the original line, the network is very fine, the use of screen printing plate is very difficult. So the use of screen printing technology is not suitable for reproduction of fine lines, network of originals. In the choice of printing methods to fully consider the characteristics of a variety of printing. Even in the screen printing plate-making also pay attention to select the appropriate cable, in order to achieve full reproduction of the original purpose.

① printing adaptability

Flat printing, embossing, gravure printing methods generally can only print in the plane of the printing。 The screen printing can not only be printed on the plane, but also in the surface, spherical and convex surface of the substrate for printing。 Screen printing, on the other hand, can be printed not only on hard objects, but also on soft objects, without being limited by the texture of the substrate。 In addition, the screen printing in addition to direct printing, but also according to the need to use indirect printing method of printing, first with screen printing in gelatin or silica gel version, and then transfer to the substrate。 Screen printing can be said that a strong adaptability, a wide range of applications。


② thick ink, three-dimensional sense of strong

Texture-rich offset and emboss ink thickness is generally 5 microns, gravure is 12 microns, flexo (aniline) printing ink layer thickness of 10 microns, and screen printing ink layer thickness is far more than the ink The thickness of the layer, generally up to 30 microns. Special printed circuit board with thick screen printing, ink thickness up to 1000 microns. With the foam ink printed Braille, after the foam layer thickness of up to 1300 microns. Screen printing ink layer thick, print rich texture, three-dimensional sense of strong, this is the other printing methods can not be compared. Screen printing can not only monochrome printing, can also carry color printing and color screening. Screen printing machine

③ strong light fastness

Bright color Because screen printing has the characteristics of leakage printing, so it can use a variety of inks and coatings, not only can use the slurry, adhesive and a variety of pigments, you can also use coarse particles of pigment. In addition, screen printing ink deployment method is simple, for example, can be directly into the light-resistant pigment in the deployment of ink, which is another major feature of screen printing. Screen printing products with strong light fastness of great advantages. Practice has shown that the use of black ink in the coated paper on a measured value after the maximum density range of comparison, offset 1.4, embossing 1.6, gravure to 1.8, and screen printing the maximum density value range Up to 2.0, so screen printing products, light fastness than other types of printed products, light fastness, more suitable for outdoor advertising, signs used.

 ④ printing area

At present, general offset printing, embossing and other printing methods of printing the size of the largest full-size, more than the full-size, to be mechanical equipment。 The screen printing can be a large area of printing, screen printing products today the most significant up to 3 m × 4 m, or even greater。 In this case,

The above four points are the difference between screen printing and other printing, but also the characteristics and advantages of screen printing。 Understand the characteristics of screen printing, in the selection of printing methods, you can avoid weaknesses, highlighting the advantages of screen printing, in order to achieve a more ideal printing results。


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