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Learn more about screen printing machine

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Learn more about screen printing machine

Release date:2016-12-26 Author:唐纪鹏 Clicks:

The screen printing machine can print not only on three-dimensional, but also on curved surface, spherical surface and concave convex surface. On the other hand, the screen printing machine can not only print on hard materials, but also on soft materials, not restricted by the quality of the building. In addition, in addition to indirect printing, screen printing machine can also use direct printing method according to demand, that is, first use screen printing machine on gelatin or silica gel plate, and then transfer to the building. Therefore, it can be said that the screen printing machine is highly compliant and widely used.

1、 Thick ink layer, strong plane sense and rich texture

2、 It has strong light resistance and delicate color, because the screen printing machine has the characteristics of missing printing, because it can use all kinds of inks and coatings, and can only use size, adhesives and all kinds of dyes, as well as dyes with coarse particles。

3、 The printing area of normal offset printing, embossing and other printing methods with large printing area is the largest full size. If the printing area exceeds the full size, it will be restricted by the machine facilities.

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