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Application and trouble shooting of glass screen printing machine

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Application and trouble shooting of glass screen printing machine

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1。 Glass screen printing machine according to the use can be said that all glass processing if the screen printing is inseparable from the glass screen printing machine。 In general, it can be divided into: mobile phone glass screen printing, automobile glass screen printing, engineering glass screen printing, furniture glass screen printing, household appliances glass screen printing and advertising glass screen printing。

2。 Pattern or line

There are too many screen prints in glass screen printing machine, which are caused by the relaxation of screen template; the distance between the positioning loose screen and substrate changes; the angle between the scraper and substrate is not right, or the force is not uniform; the printing material is too thin or too dry; the printing surface of the reworked workpiece is cleaned and the solvent is not used to dry before screen printing, etc。 Screen printing machine

3. Line distortion

The printing material is too thin, and the force is too large when scraping; the printing material is not evenly adjusted (the solvent in the printing material is not evenly distributed); the solvent or cleaning agent on the screen die is not dry after wiping, or the surface cleaning agent is not dry or clean when the workpiece is reworked; after the first scraping, the sealing force of the printing material is too large, so that a small amount of printing material is squeezed out of the mesh; In printing, the movement (movement) speed of scraper is too different within the effective area of substrate, such as pause or repeated printing; the fineness of printing material does not match the number of selected screen mesh。

4. There are pockmarked printing materials that are too sticky and have impurities and blocked holes; or printing materials that are too sticky and have insufficient scraping force;

The surface of substrate is not clean, and there is oil stain; the substrate is too sticky, there is dirt on the screen mold that has not been removed, the particles of the substrate are large, and the high mesh number of silk screen cannot pass through; the drying speed of silk screen is too fast, and the workplace of silk screen is draught; the quick drying substrate fails to seal the screen in time, resulting in netting; the force is uneven when scraping, or large or small; the surface of substrate is uneven, etc.

5。 Pattern line edge burr, notch, cam, etc

The maturity period of printing materials is not enough, the residual bubbles in the printing materials are not completely run away, and the bubbles after screen printing are caused by sticking on the substrate; the surface of the substrate is not clean, dust and other effects, the printing force is improper, light and uneven or scraping, and the force is insufficient; the printing materials on the substrate are not dry, which is caused by dust in the storage place; under the appropriate conditions of printing materials, the distance between the screen plate and the substrate is too large; the screen plate before printing is clear The washing is not thorough.

When we encounter these problems, we should carefully analyze the reasons that affect the quality of the screen printing products of glass screen printing machine according to the above points, and solve the causes. As for the quality problems of non scraping printing operation, such as the problems of tension screen, the best distance, the production of screen printing template, the surface treatment of workpiece and the selection and matching of printing materials, etc., will affect the quality of screen printing These are the things we should pay attention to.

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