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Maintenance of Screen Printing Machine

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Maintenance of Screen Printing Machine

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Maintenance of screen printing machine in operation during the impact. Reducing the speed of the machine is another important condition to reduce the moment of inertia of the machine. How is the machine ready for use? The lower the speed of the machine, the smaller the moment of inertia, it should not make the machine is always in high-speed operation. The impact of the machine running the smaller the more conducive to the printing process, but also grams to extend the service life of the machine. Reduce the printing pressure (pressure on the broad sense) to ensure smooth operation of the machine an important condition to ensure the quality of print under the premise of the smaller the better printing pressure. Can be detected by jogging or turning. Such as tools and other items stuck in the machine; plate installation location is appropriate, if it is not possible to damage the plate or to find the rules to bring great difficulties; blanket installation is appropriate, if not appropriate, there are May cause the printing breakdown, the serious time may cause the rubber cloth or the machine damage. Strengthen the maintenance of the machine. So to those who favor the maintenance of the structure of the machine without affecting the normal work under the premise to be improved. However, due to the complexity of printing presses, technological innovation. Taking every factor into account is clearly impossible and the environment changes, the content of the machine maintenance will also change. Machine maintenance requirements of the machine in the design of the full account of the convenience of the machine maintenance. Work directly determines the quality of moving parts with each other the level of accuracy, enhance the maintenance of important components. A spring is the largest part of a machine used for a force-balancing mechanism. The spring must be sensitive to elasticity, and slow elasticity and irreversible plastic deformation on the work of the spring is very favorable gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings These components are the most important parts of the printing press, it is different to maintain In other parts, because the accuracy of its changes will affect the final print quality. If the above problems need to immediately replace the spring. Establish rules and regulations for the maintenance of the machine. Such as regular oil changes, cleaning filters and periodic inspection of machine accuracy. Offset should be based on the machine's manual shall prevail. Static maintenance of the printer is the machine in a static state of the machine for maintenance. Screen printing machine

First, the printing press of the static maintenance Second, the dynamic maintenance of the printing press.

While the dynamic operation of the machine and in turn can detect the level of static maintenance of the machine。 The following analysis from several aspects of the machine should be maintained under the dynamic content。

1, the dynamic maintenance of the printing press is the printer in a dynamic state of the machine for maintenance。 The dynamic maintenance of the machine is very important to maintain the machine static state is the premise of dynamic maintenance。 The best machine to refuel the first idle lubrication,

2, the lubrication of the machine state. So before doing so. This is also a daily work should do a priority. Although the machine is very easy to observe the oil leak, but to find the reason is very difficult. First of all, through the oil marked observation of the oil circuit is smooth, such as oil marked oil or oil marked at the unclear, it should be an emergency stop carefully check the existence of oil leakage. For the use of sliding bearings and the like, low speed is conducive to its lubrication, especially the jog or low speed operation of its lubrication is relatively large.

Some of the machine's oil pump is driven by the host and thus when the anti-point, the oil not only can not fuel, but will oil the oil back to the tank, which is very dangerous and should therefore prevent the anti-point. Some of the more important parts of the lubrication can also be detected by the metal temperature near its, such as the temperature is too high, indicating a problem with lubrication. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the quality of the level of the above aspects of the printing press is only the daily maintenance and maintenance of local content. A direct impact on the life of the printing press and the quality of the product, it can not be taken lightly.


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