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The origin of screen printing machine

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The origin of screen printing machine

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Screen printing machine is a kind of printing machine which uses screen printing plate for printing。 Screen printing machine is a machine for printing words and images。 It is the general name of the machine or equipment used to produce printing products。 The screen printing machine is a typical printing equipment in the hole plate printing machine。 In addition to silk, nylon wire, copper wire, steel wire or stainless steel wire can also be used as the materials for making the screen。 It can be divided into flat screen printing machine, curved screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, etc。

Screen printing can be divided into many types according to its layout, type of printing machine, nature of ink and type of substrate, but its printing methods can be divided into the following several.

1. Flat screen printing: flat screen printing machine is a method of printing on flat substrate with flat screen plate. When printing, the plate is fixed and the scraping plate moves.

2. Flat screen and curved surface screen printing: flat screen and curved surface screen printing is a method for flat screen printing plate to print on curved substrate (such as ball, cylinder, cylinder, etc.). When printing, the ink scraper is fixed and the plate is square along the water

To move, substrate with the plate rotation.丝印机

3. Circular screen printing: circular screen printing is a cylinder screen plate, which is equipped with a fixed ink scraper, and the cylinder plate and substrate move at the same speed.

Four Indirect screen printing: in the first three methods, the printing plate directly prints the substrate, but only some regular geometric forms can be printed, such as plane, cylindrical surface, conical surface, etc. for special-shaped objects with complex shape, edges and corners, concave surface, etc., indirect screen printing must be used. Its process is usually composed of two parts: plane screen printing and transfer printing, that is, screen printing The brush image is not directly printed on the substrate, but first printed on the flat material, and then transferred to the substrate by a certain method. One of the indirect printing methods is to print the image on the flat glass with the flat screen printing method, and then use the elastic silica gel head to absorb the ink image from the glass plate as if it is sealed, and then transfer it to the irregular surface. The other method of indirect screen printing is to transfer the paper, such as: screen printing paper + heat transfer, screen printing paper + pressure-sensitive transfer, silk Screen printing paper + solvent activation transfer. Indirect screen printing has become the main field of printing industry.

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