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China screen printing industry development forum held in Beijing

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China screen printing industry development forum held in Beijing

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The 2011 China screen printing industry development forum with the theme of "improving the core competitiveness and industrial influence" was held in Beijing Jingyi Hotel on April 22, 2011。 This forum is the second industry development forum after 2010, including the leaders of China screen printing and image making Association, many industry experts, enterprise representatives, Foxconn, ramblers, etc Family representatives were invited to attend the forum。

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For the screen printing industry, the development forum in 2010 has had a profound impact on the screen printing industry. A year later, in the face of the restructured 2011 silk screen printing industry, it has to remind people of the awkward recruitment experienced by many enterprises at the beginning of the new year. The butterfly effect caused by the employment problem is changing the entire Chinese silk screen printing industry. The following discussion on the competitiveness of enterprises has even pushed us to the forefront of the wave, and even many enterprises have their lives in the air. How to deal with the problem of difficult recruitment and talent shortage, and how to improve the core competitiveness and industrial development force of enterprises have become an insurmountable topic in China's silk screen printing industry this year.

For this reason, this forum will conduct in-depth discussions on "how to face the difficulties of recruitment and talent shortage" and "how to enhance the core competitiveness and industrial influence of enterprises".

At about 9 a.m., Yin Chi, general manager of Tianlong chemical industry, delivered the opening speech of the forum. The forum officially entered the first theme. Han Fenglong, general manager of Huicong Screen Printing Co., Ltd., brought the 2011 analysis report on employment and talent development of screen printing industry to the participants, and fully explained the main theme of the forum. Then, famous experts such as Huang Guoguang, Li Xianchen and Diao Xiaoyu brought professional analysis to the employment and talent problems of the industry. The expert's wonderful speech won the audience's warm applause. Then, a guest discussion group composed of Xu Qingchi, deputy general manager of annual development industry and trade, Chen Bin, deputy general manager of Rugao Tianyuan, Guan Jigen, manager of rambler printing department, Shen Chunyan, Secretary General of China screen printing and image making Association, made a detailed analysis and interpretation of the current situation of recruitment difficulties and talent shortage. The meeting proposed: using a perfect salary system; a good corporate culture; and a broad development space to protect The reserve of human resources, and with the help of fully automatic machinery production equipment to solve the problem of labor shortage.

After the lunch break, the second topic of the forum began. The analysis on how to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises brought by industry experts Xiong Xiangyu and Li Chunfu provided new ideas for industry enterprises to expand their vision and adjust their industrial structure. Similar to the first topic, the forum invited Mr. Zheng Junming, general manager of Tianling, Mr. Feng Zhaoxiong, general manager of Yong'an, Mr. Huang Daqing, special manager of Foxconn printing, Mr. Liu Yiqiu, general manager of Fufa, and Mr. Wang Jian, Secretary General of China silk screen printing association. Their ideas pointed out the direction for the development of Chinese national silk screen printing enterprises. "To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is not only to research and develop new products and technologies, but also to innovate management, including ERP management. In the future, Chinese national enterprises will follow the path of technological innovation development. We encourage more enterprises to invest more funds in research and development of new things to occupy the commanding heights in the future," Wang said.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the interactive link of the forum site, the mood of the guests participating in the forum is high, and the problems about enterprise management and silk screen printing technology emerge in an endless stream, making the guests on the stage overwhelmed. At about 16 p.m., the one-day "commander in chief" 2011 China screen printing industry development forum successfully concluded in a pleasant atmosphere, adding a strong touch to the development of China screen printing industry.

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