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How to buy a screen printing machine

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How to buy a screen printing machine

Release date:2017-01-31 Author:唐纪鹏 Clicks:

You should master certain skills when purchasing the silk screen printing machine. The manufacturer of the silk screen printing machine said that the purchase of this kind of equipment needs to be considered from many aspects. First, you should consider the daily production volume and the monthly order of the enterprise. You should analyze from these two aspects. If the production volume is very large and the order is very stable, you can purchase the full-automatic silk screen printing machine, Because the output of the full-automatic screen printing machine is much higher than that of the general screen printing machine, the order is relatively stable, and the full-automatic screen printing machine can be ordered completely. Because it is necessary to purchase this kind of equipment in batches, it is necessary to find a regular manufacturer, not to be greedy for small and cheap, otherwise, it is all waste products, and the time available for use is very short, which is quite wasteful. When communicating with the manufacturer, The specification and quantity required shall be clearly informed to the manufacturer without any mistakes. The printing machine shall tell you that you must pay attention to these problems when purchasing the silk screen printing machine, so as to purchase products with good quality.

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