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Maintenance skills of screen printing

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Maintenance skills of screen printing

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With the increasing number of mesh weaving, it is necessary to control and consider the inner diameter of thread. Modern screen printing technology has been able to achieve more fine thread production, but there is still a big gap between them compared with high number of fabrics.

Screen maintenance tips:

The following suggestions can help you extend the service life of screen printing. Before using the new screen cloth, proper stretching or chemical cleaning and degreasing will help the screen plate to fit properly.

No matter what kind of screen printing is carried out, the screen cloth must be cleaned and degreased before use. If the corresponding degreasing work is not done well, the screen plate will be delaminated or damaged in the printing process.

If the net cloth is not cleaned in time, the next time it is used, it will form disorder code and block printing。 In the process of printing, in order to avoid accidental rupture or damage of the mesh, try to avoid contact with knives or other sharp objects。

Poor ink circulation and mesh peeling are two direct reasons for screen replacement. If properly maintained, problems will be reduced in the printing process, so that the screen can not only withstand thousands of times of printing, but also extend its service life.

It is also a good method to mark the number of fabrics and service life on the screen frame to ensure the normal screen printing. In addition, choosing the right mesh frame and cloth, and maintaining them properly, will make the screen printing work produce twice the result with half the effort, so take more time for maintenance.

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