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Precautions for screen printing

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Precautions for screen printing

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In terms of production process, screen printing seems to be a simple type of work, but it involves a lot of details. If you are not careful, it is very likely that all products will be scrapped, especially if you encounter a complex problem. If you do not solve it, it may bring a series of numbness, and it will always bring trouble.. The perfect matching among screen printing, ink and printing is the prerequisite for obtaining good printing products. The quality of printing plate directly determines the quality of printing products. Printing is only the inspection of the quality of plate making. However, on the premise of stable printing plate quality, due to the carelessness of the printing workers, they can not get the ideal printing products, but will cause greater waste, and there will be defective products or waste products. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following points in the printing process:

a. Watch the rules. As the plate frame moves back and forth during printing, the plate and the frame are collided and vibrated during the back and forth operation, and small displacement occurs between them, which leads to inaccurate overprinting and affects the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, we should pay attention to the rules, discover and adjust them in time.

B. check the sample frequently. In case of lack of ink in printed matter, clean cotton cloth shall be used to wipe the screen immediately. This situation is mostly due to the printing plate with broken plastic film or ink crust dry blocking screen. If it is found that the ink color is uneven or becomes light, it may be that the viscosity of the ink is too large. Stop the machine immediately and dilute the viscosity of the ink with solvent. At the same time, wipe the graphic part of the layout with gasoline to prevent ink penetration or blocking, so as to facilitate continuous work.

   C. the semi-finished products shall be stacked in order. In the stacking process of semi-finished products, it is necessary to make both sides of the paper droop and stack. Otherwise, due to its own gravity, the paper forms an upper bow, and the two sides of the paper are warped and uneven, which makes it difficult to transfer the paper during printing and often leads to the phenomenon of breaking. If the paper stack is not smooth, it can be leveled with cardboard. At the same time, the height of the paper stack should be adjusted by the adjusting knob of the paper separating mechanism so that the paper can be transmitted smoothly and the printing process can be carried out smoothly.

D. the blades of the drying device are damaged due to long-term use. In some places, the operation of the drying device is not synchronized with that of the main machine, which often causes the printing materials on the paper shelf to be disordered. At this time, we should take it away from the bottom of the mess immediately. It's better not to make the ink film face to face, so as to avoid sticking and causing defective products or waste products.. If the registration accuracy is poor, it can be adjusted according to the fine adjustment knob on the front of the frame; if the color of the ink is not correct, check whether the wrong ink is used and replace it immediately; if the ink is not good, wipe the image and text part of the plate with solvent to improve the permeability of the ink and the wettability of the substrate to a certain extent; if there is a big difference in the order and level of the image and text, replace the print immediately Brush screen.

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