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The method of prolonging the storage period of ink by automatic screen printing machine

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The method of prolonging the storage period of ink by automatic screen printing machine

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As a printing equipment, the full-automatic screen printing machine must use ink, which is easy to deteriorate under high temperature. Therefore, the screen printing machine manufacturers come to teach us some methods about how to extend the ink storage period of the full-automatic screen printing machine.


1. After printing, the remaining ink must be sealed and stored in a dark place, which can be reused in future production. Before reuse, it is necessary to use a filter screen of more than 100 meshes for filtration, and mix it with new ink after sufficient agitation. 2. In some areas of the north, the winter climate is very cold, so it is necessary to avoid the ink being sent outdoors to avoid the ink gelling at low temperature. If the ink gels, it can be transferred to a higher temperature warehouse, or put into hot water, so that the insoluble can be restored to its original state.

3。 In the storage and management of ink, the principle of "first in, first out" should also be followed, that is, the first ink purchased should be used first, so as to prevent the use of ink from being affected by too long storage time。

4。 Ink is best sealed to avoid dust。 A large number of dust particles or various impurity particles are likely to fall into the ink tank or adsorb on the label data surface, and then affect the printing quality。

5. Safety top, ink storage should be as far away from fire, heat, to prevent accidents.

6. It is better to keep a constant temperature in the ink warehouse, and the temperature difference with the printing workshop should not be too great. If the temperature difference between the two is large, the ink should be put into the printing workshop in advance, which is not only conducive to the stability of ink function, but also to ensure the high efficiency of production.

7。 Ink also has a certain shelf life, if the deposit is too long, ink formulation of various components may occur discrete, deposition phenomenon。 As a result, ink should not be kept for a long time。 Generally, it should be kept for about one year, otherwise it may affect the printing quality and even cause printing failure。

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