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What products can be printed by automatic screen printing machine?

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What products can be printed by automatic screen printing machine?

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For many professionals, it should be well understood that the roll to roll screen printing machine is a device for printing text and images, which is a general designation of the equipment or machinery used to produce promotional materials. In people's daily life, the roll to roll automatic screen printing machine is widely used and has been commented by many customers on the aspect ratio. What products can the roll to roll screen printing machine print? The following is popularized by the professional and technical personnel of Kunshan printing machine:



1、 Paper printing

Arts and crafts printing -- advertising words, pictorial, calendar, small lantern paper, etc. Self adhesive printing, transfer paper printing, printing packaging, decorative building materials printing - wallpaper, etc.

2、 Plastic printing

Plastic film -- butadiene toy, backpack, packing bag, etc。 Plastic standard plate -- false composite material and various standard plates; production and manufacturing parts -- instrument and equipment parts。

3、 Wood furniture printing works of Art -- lacquerware, wood processing crafts, toys. Production and processing of semi-finished tea -- stationery and sports goods, wood board, ceiling, road signs, billboards, false metal materials, billboards, etc.

4、 Metal production and printing

Metal material cylinder, metal ware, metal handicraft.

5、 Laminated glass and ceramic products printing

Laminated glass -- bathroom mirror, glass plate, water cup, glass bottle, etc. Porcelain -- containers, works of art.

6、 Signboard printing

Text description board, inner diameter gauge, molded object.

7、 PCB printed

Printed circuit board, base steel plate for civil or industrial production, thick film integrated PCB circuit board, cold light sheet.

8、 Printing and dyeing products

Printing and dyeing -- flags, fabrics, cotton towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, textiles, etc。 Other printing - bags, shoes, cloth and all kinds of bags, satchels, handbags, backpacks, etc。

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