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What are the printing methods of the automatic screen printing machine?

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What are the printing methods of the automatic screen printing machine?

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Printing has a history of more than 2000 years in China. Screen printing, as a kind of widely used printing, has seen great changes from the original manual printing to the current full-automatic printing. Screen printing can be divided into many types according to its format, type of printing machine, nature of ink and type of substrate. What are the printing methods of full-automatic screen printing?

1。 Paper based plate printing: a small lithography in which paper is used as plate material。

2. Transfer printing: a printing process in which the color is first printed on a medium and then transferred from the medium to the substrate.

3。 Transcribe printing: hand printed on wax paper。

4. Lithography: lithography for short. A lithographic process in which stones are used as plates.

5. Copper zinc plate printing: also known as convex plate printing. A printing process in which copper or zinc plates are used as plates.

6. Resin plate printing: a printing method in which resin, nylon, etc. are used as plates.

7. Woodblock watermark: also known as woodblock watermark. A traditional process in which a drawing is divided into several plates and then printed with water-soluble picture color.

8. Light printing: also known as office printing system. A printing system with Phototypesetting, small offset press and small binding machine.

9。 Network printing: the so-called special printing is to print products and media that cannot be printed by conventional equipment and technology through special equipment and technology。 The equipment that can carry out this kind of printing mainly includes: screen printing machine, gravure printing machine, lithography UV printer, UV offset press。

10. Collotype: also known as glass plate printing. The sensitive layer is coated with thick glass, and different water absorption is formed by negative exposure. Printing based on the principle of mutual exclusion of oil and water.

The above printing methods of automatic screen printing machine are shared here. In addition to the conventional printing methods (offset printing, embossing, gravure printing, screen printing), other printing methods can also be classified into the scope of special printing. You can understand the difference between screen printing and other printing methods,

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