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What are the requirements for screen printing? What technology do you want?

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What are the requirements for screen printing? What technology do you want?

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Screen printing is realized by screen printing plate, while screen printing cannot be made without screen. In addition to selecting different texture screen according to different printing requirements, there are some basic requirements for screen itself. Some identification of the screen used before plate making can avoid some phenomena that affect the printing quality.

The main requirements for wire mesh are:

1。 The wire mesh shall have qualified strength to meet the tension requirements of the tension during the tension screen and printing。

2. High wear resistance. The screen shall have qualified wear resistance to ensure that the screen plate has high printing resistance (the screen with high wear resistance can also be recycled and reused).

3. As the silk is in contact with water in the printing and plate making process, it is required that the shrinkage and elongation of the silk screen should be small after encountering water.

4. The surface of wire mesh shall be smooth to reduce the occurrence of blocking the mesh during printing.

5. The mesh size shall be uniform to ensure the uniformity of ink leakage.

6。 Strong solvent resistance, the physical properties of the wire mesh shall remain unchanged after contacting the solvent。

How to calculate the fine width of fine line reproduced by screen? Answer: in screen printing, the printing accuracy of the replica is closely related to the screen, and the number of screen contents has an important influence on the reproduction of fine lines of the thick manuscript。 Therefore, when choosing the screen, we must carefully select the screen contents corresponding to the fine lines of the printing, so that the screen lattice selected has the performance of fully reproducing the fine lines of the original, so as to ensure the printing effect。 In screen printing, fine lines generally refer to lines 0。1-0。2mm wide。 The purpose of screen printing is to reproduce the width of thin lines。 In screen printing, the selected screen can reproduce the width of thin lines, which is directly related to the width of mesh and mesh。

The following calculation formula can be used as the basis for screen selection. Formula of thin line width: k = 2S + K, where k - width of thin line s - wire diameter of wire mesh K - width calculation example of mesh: if 200 mesh / inch nylon wire mesh is selected, what is the small width of reproduction line? Check the nm200 inch wire mesh, the wire diameter (s) is 0.05mm, the mesh width (k) is 0.077mm, substitute the above formula, and get that if k = 2 × 50 + 77 = 0.177m, the small width of nm200 mesh / inch wire mesh reproduction line is 0.177mm.

What are the basic requirements of screen printing for originals? Answer: screen printing has the following basic requirements for originals: ○ 1 monochrome (text, line) originals should have enough contrast. The contrast of continuous adjustment originals shall meet the basic requirements of photographic plate making. The original should have high definition. The color of continuous color adjustment originals shall meet the basic requirements for color of printed copies. Q: what is the process flow of the screen printing color desktop pre-processing system a: the screen printing color desktop pre-processing system uses computer technology to process image and text information. Instead of the traditional film production methods: 1. Input part. The input devices are mainly scanners, keyboards and digital cameras. Scanners are mainly used for color image originals and text input; keyboards are mainly used for text input. Digital camera is mainly used for color camera input. 2. Image and text information processing part. Image and text information processing equipment is mainly computer equipment. At present, the computer used for image and text information processing mainly includes PC series and MAC series computers, which have strong image processing functions and are more suitable for image, graphics and creative design. In addition to the hardware, it is important to configure the corresponding software. There are five commonly used software: A. Photoshop; B. freehand; C. illustrator; D. pagemake; e. Chinese and English word library. ○ 3 output section. The output part mainly refers to different output devices. There are many kinds of output equipment, which need to be configured according to different process requirements. The main output devices are color ink-jet printer, hot wax printer, thermal sublimation printer, laser color printer, laser Phototypesetter, etc.

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