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What are the main applications of screen printing machine

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What are the main applications of screen printing machine

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Specifically, screen printing is mainly used in the following aspects:

① Paper printing

Art printing -- advertisement, pictorial, calendar, lantern paper, etc.

Trademark printing, transfer printing, package printing

Building materials printing - wall paper pasting, etc

② Plastic printing

Plastic film -- Vinyl toys, schoolbags, plastic bags, etc. Plastic standard plate - false metal composite material and various standard plates

Production parts - Instrument Parts

③ Wood printing

Handicrafts -- lacquerware, wooden handicrafts, toys.

Processing semi-finished products -- sporting goods, wooden boards, ceilings, road signs, signboards, fake metal wrenches, billboards, etc.

Screen printing machine

④ Metal printing

Metal cylinder, metal ware, metal products。

⑤ Printing of glass and ceramic products

Glass -- mirror, glass plate, cup, bottle, etc.

Ceramics -- utensils and crafts.


Text boards, dials, shaped items.

⑦ Printed circuit board

Printed circuit board, civil or industrial substrate, thick film integrated circuit board.

Printing and dyeing

Printing and dyeing -- flags, fabrics, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear, etc. '

Other printing -- pocket, shoes, number cloth and all kinds of bags, backpacks, handbags, schoolbags, etc。

⑨ Leather printing

Shenzhen Quantong screen printing equipment Co., Ltd. is most suitable for screen printing rubber cloth mouse pad, EVA + PVC mouse pad, three-dimensional mouse pad, EVA + paper mouse pad, EVA + cloth pad, leather + PVC pad, silica gel wrist pad, transparent silica gel pad, rubber Oxford cloth pad, chess pad and other mouse pads; there are set meal pad, PP special-shaped meal pad, three-dimensional meal pad, foaming PVC meal pad, PP transparent oblique mat The flat screen circular screen printing machine has flat screen printing plate and round table, so it is called flat screen circular screen printing machine. The substrate can be a circular cylinder, a cylinder, a cone, a sphere, a variety of curved curved surfaces, etc. In the printing process, the screen printing plate moves horizontally or swings, and the substrate should not only move vertically up and down during printing, but also make the substrate close to the bottom of the screen printing plate to roll synchronously. The feed and discharge of the substrate are divided into two types: automatic and automatic.

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