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What should be paid attention to when printing ink on screen

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What should be paid attention to when printing ink on screen

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With the continuous development of society, many large-scale machines in China have been widely used. Silk screen printing machine is one of them. The basic skills of ink color matching determine the quality of the work. Experienced printing masters have many basic skills of ink color matching. What should be paid attention to when the silk screen printing machine is carrying out ink color matching?

Attention shall be paid to when printing ink on screen printing machine:

1。 Adopt the principle of "from light to deep", no matter how to prepare light color or bright color ink, when the color is close to the sample, be careful。 The ink produced by different manufacturers should not be mixed and used。 Try to use the ink of different colors from the same manufacturer for color matching。 Otherwise, it will produce uneven color。 In serious cases, it will agglomerate and scrap the ink。

2。 When mixing ink, try to add less ink of different colors。 Generally speaking, the less kinds of color ink are used, the better the mixing effect will be。

3. Some screen printing ink is dried by drying, light color drying is lighter than not drying, dark color drying is darker. In addition, it is easy to ignore the difference between the ink tone before and after printing. Generally speaking, through natural drying (solvent volatile ink), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc., and the color will not change; however, if the pigment is used for ceramics, it will only appear after burning and oxidation, so it can only be toned by experience. As for the screen printing ink dried by thermosetting and light fixing, the color changes in depth, as mentioned above. When the inking volume is large, the inker can be used to complete the toner in a short time.

What should be paid attention to when the above screen printing machine is mixing ink? If the printing workers want to adjust the ink, they need to analyze the printing color and process technology to find out the color sequence of multiple colors。 You can combine the last time we mentioned how to choose the screen printing material in the screen printing machine to understand。

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